Register yor STEVENS Bike

Welcome to the registration page and thank you very much for choosing a STEVENS bike from Hamburg.
The online registration by you or your dealer has many advantages:

Registered bikes may easily be assigned to the owner in case of theft. The registration serves as an alternative or addition to the bicycle logbook.

  • You will be informed about technical upgrades, if neccessary.

We wish you much fun and many easygoing miles with your STEVENS bike!

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Ihre persönlichen Daten - Your personal data
Ihre Bike Daten - Your bike data
Ihre Händler Daten - Your dealers data
Was ist die Summe aus… / What is the sum of 6 and 1?
Hints about the STEVENS frame number

For the registration and in case of theft a valid frame number is most important. The frame number can be found near the bottom bracket.

Since season 2008 the frame numbers mostly have a simple pattern:

  • in the first position there is always an upper case S
  • next 2 positions are always numeric (last 2 digits of the model year / season)
  • next 5 (seldom 3) positions are uppercase letters
  • at the end there are always exactly 4 digits

Thus the lenght of the frame number is usually 12 characters, somtimes only 10 chars (though there are some few bikes with other patterns).

In your own interest you should identify, note and enter the correct frame number

Sample pictures of frame numbers


Your STEVENS team.