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STEVENS trains its dealers for model year 2023

As part of the STEVENS in-house exhibition from 22 to 26 September, STEVENS exclusively presented the collection of the upcoming model year 2023 to its specialist dealers. Specialist dealer training sessions on the most important new products and technical innovations in the range rounded off the annual event.

During the five days of the in-house exhibition, STEVENS welcomed over 400 guests, dealers, journalists and partners from Germany and abroad (such as Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Spain, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland) at its headquarters in Hamburg. Traditionally, the fair offers a comprehensive insight into the product range of the coming model year – away from the usual trade fair business of the well-known industry exhibitions. In addition, the guests had the opportunity to test drive the new models in detail.

In addition, training sessions led by STEVENS engineers offered the opportunity to familiarise themselves even more thoroughly with the most important bike innovations and technical innovations of the coming STEVENS model year. In addition to extensive insights into the work of the STEVENS development engineers, this also included the topic of drive technologies of the STEVENS MY23.

The opportunity for training and direct contact with the STEVENS development and technical departments attracted interest and was used intensively by the dealers and distributors to position themselves optimally for customer discussions. Peter Schroen from the Belgian STEVENS agency Carbonbike: "The training courses are a very useful tool and help our specialist dealers to present STEVENS bikes to customers in the best possible way. Anyway, the STEVENS in-house exhibition is an absolute must for us. We also recommend that our dealers take advantage of the opportunity to view the complete range in detail and at their leisure.

Rainer König, Sales Manager at STEVENS, sums up: "Five exciting days of our STEVENS 2023 presentation are behind us and, in addition to numerous specialist dealers from Germany, we were able to welcome dealers from many European countries. We were very pleased with the unanimously positive feedback from our STEVENS dealers and distributors. In addition to the product-related discussions, the economic framework data and the gloomy consumer sentiment in Europe were of course also central topics. We agreed with all guests that our industry will weather this phase very well despite continuing major supply difficulties and that there will continue to be strong demand for high-quality bicycles."

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