STEVENS E-Bikes & BOSCH Drives

We have chosen a strong partner for the majority of our STEVENS e-bikes - namely motor market leader BOSCH

The new passion for cycling goes by the name of e-bike. It's what happens when two power sources (muscle-generated pedal force and electric motor) are optimally combined. STEVENS riders benefit from the most competent partners in their respective fields. When it comes to driving forward our most popular touring, city and 'cross e-bikes, as well as two dual-suspension e-MTB’s and our hardtail e-MTB, we rely on market leader BOSCH. As the largest supplier to the automotive industry, they possess tremendous technological know-how. In Reutlingen, located in southern Germany, Swabian tinkerers are constantly working on making drive technology even more sophisticated and efficient without losing sight of price points. STEVENS' engineers have chosen these motor highlights from their broad portfolio of 2020 model year:

Bosch G4 Performance Line CX Cruise

Small, light, powerful and intuitive – the new BOSCH G4 (4th generation) Performance Line CX is one of the most potent options for high-end e-bikes. It supports its riders with a maximum of 340% of their own pedal power and now brings a massive 85 Newton metres of torque into play. But pure power isn't everything: The motor power is dosed particularly smoothly in the so-called "E-MTB" mode, when the respective optimum support level is automatically engaged, because the fine sensor technology virtually reads the rider's wish from the soles of the feet.

Bikes with this drive system

Tuning tip for riders of a STEVENS e-bike with the Bosch G4 Performance Line CX from model year 2020: if desired, your STEVENS dealer can give your drive system the power update from 75 to 85 Newton metres of torque - preferably during the next (winter) inspection.

Bosch G4 Performance Line Speed

Bosch G4 Performance Line Speed

Like its counterpart for e-bikes that support up to 25 km/h, the new BOSCH G4 Performance Line Speed also weighs a mere 2.9 kilograms. But lightweight and compact dimensions are not the only benefits that make it ideal for high-end e-bikes in the "fast class". With a maximum torque of 75 newton metres, it adds up to 340% of your pedal force. The impressive result of so much power can be seen on the computer display. And what you’ll notice in particular is how easily possible it is to cruise at a speed of 45 km/h. This makes it the best choice for long commutes, especially those which venture outside the city limits.

Bikes with this drive system

Bosch G3 Performance Line Cruise

When it says "Performance" on the outside, you can be sure that lots of power is in the inside: This powerhouse delivers 250 watts and 65 Nm. This means that your e-bike can solidly support you in any situation, which is exactly what you’ve asked for! The latest (3rd) generation of this drive system from BOSCH (identified by its standard-size chainring) also shines with its barely perceptible noise as well as minimal resistance when you cross the 25 km/h threshold using your own muscle power.

Bikes with this drive system

Bosch G3 Active Line Plus Cruise

The large 44-tooth chainring give it the appearance of a conventional bicycle but hidden behind is 250 watts plus 50 newton metres of torque to solidly support your pedalling effort. With an Active Line Plus motor from BOSCH, you will smoothly glide forward in near silence.

Bikes with this drive system

Bosch G3 Active Line Cruise

Active Line motors from BOSCH do their work as inconspicuously as they are effective: The large chainring gives it the appearance of a conventional bicycle. While the motor supports the power of your legs with 250 watts of continuous electric power and 40 newton metres of torque – all while remaining remarkably silent.

Bikes with this drive system


Powerful, efficient, quiet: BOSCH motors of the current generation clearly meet high standards. But an impressive riding experience requires more than just that:


Comprehensive Information

As soon as you integrate your smartphone via the new SmartphoneHub, an enormous information bandwidth opens up for you. It provides you with navigation, supports your fitness training with an optional pulse belt, and offers the possibility of calling, e-mailing, connecting to social media or livestreaming. The choice is yours.

Maximum Range

The newest and largest e-bike battery from BOSCH is the PowerTube 625. It pushes your riding boundaries to new levels. With an energy capacity of 625 watt hours, it is good for almost any extended tours you can imagine. To help ensure it stays that way for a long time, we keep it well protected inside the voluminous downtube of our top e-bike models.

Increased Efficiency

From now on, the most powerful BOSCH systems will be equipped with a larger chainring for improved appearance and efficiency of our new e-bike top models. Wherever possible, this increased efficiency is supported by a low-maintenance, wear-resistant Gates Carbon belt drive.

Successful Integration

A PowerPack 500 battery is concealed under this matte black cover, harmoniously adapted to the shape of the frame. There it’s also well protected from inclement weather and cold conditions. With its 500 watt hours of energy content, it's well prepared for the adventures you’ll want to take it on.

Innovative Connection

The new Kiox display is the secret star in the Bosch portfolio, as it shows all the essential e-bike functions on a compact colour LCD - and much more if desired: the current heart rate (if a Bluetooth-compatible pulse belt has been connected) as a supplement to pedalling power, or even helpful navigation instructions if a smartphone has been coupled via the "eBike Connect" app.

Bosch Kiox Navigation

For all Cases

In "E-MTB" mode, BOSCH electronics automatically selects the optimal support level. All you have to do is pedal! Amazingly quick and precise as it switches between economic, smooth cruising and “TURBO” pedal power. The compact Purion display at the end of the handlebars provides all essential data and information for successful adventures.