Playful. Light. Silent.

The essence of what mountain biking is all about. Get on. Escape the stress. Become one with nature. Discover new things. On your home trails. Off the beaten track. And rely on natural, unadulterated electric support at all times. For the extra mile. That extra metre of altitude. Discover the new STEVENS E-Maverick now!


Light and agile for maximum fun on the trail – that was the brief given to our engineers when developing the new STEVENS E-Maverick Light Assist E-Fully range. The completely newly developed carbon frame comes in a modern, progressive geometry. This is complemented by selected suspension components. For light-footed handling on twisty single trails, maximum speed in bends and plenty of pop.


TQ-HPR50. SRAM X0 Eagle Transmission. Shimano XTR. DT Swiss HXC 1501 Spline One. Our lightweight SL HMF carbon frame, finely tuned to its intended use, and selected components result in an extremely low overall bike weight. So that you can not only climb hills dynamically, but also speed over trails or blast downhill with playful ease and maximum control.


The TQ-HPR50 Light Assist drive unit works so unobtrusively that you can forget you're on an E-bike. Virtually silent in normal operation, the drive is whisper quiet even at high power output and high cadences. For the most natural riding experience you can have on an E-MTB.

The new STEVENS E-Maverick Light Assist E-Fully range will be available from specialist dealers from Fall 2023. Click here for the bikes.

The Highlights.

Carbon Frame

The E-Maverick is based on our sophisticated SL HMF carbon frame. Load-optimised tube cross-sections enable ideal stiffness values with a low frame weight of only 2600 grams on average. The modern, progressive geometry offers responsive handling for perfect bike control. No matter whether relaxed all-mountain biking, challenging single trails or aggressive enduro tours. With its balanced design, the E-Maverick is ready for any adventure. The lightweight carbon frame and the low weight of the TQ-HPR50 drive result in a low total weight of only about 17.5 kilograms for the E-Maverick AM 7.4.3. The top model AM 9.4.3 even weighs only about 16.5 kilograms thanks to even lighter components. Hardly more than a comparable bike without electric support.

Integrated Display

The display of the TQ-HPR50 drive unit is inconspicuously embedded in the top tube. Nevertheless, all relevant values can be read quickly and easily. Settings can be made via the integrated button or the compact handlebar remote. Different screens can be configured via the TQ e-bike app.

Charging Socket

Well protected and yet easily accessible. The charging socket for the integrated 360 Wh battery is located in the upper area of the down tube. This makes it easily accessible and allows the use of very short cables for the optional range extender. A sturdy cover that opens upwards effectively protects the socket from dust, mud and moisture.

Motor Cover

The battery integrated in the down tube of the E-Maverick is permanently installed. Nevertheless, it can be removed from the frame after removing the two-part lower motor cover and loosening two further screws. Laminated cable tunnels in the battery compartment make for a very service-friendly bike.

Full Carbon Rocker Arm

A low weight paired with optimal stiffness. Thanks to its innovative design and optimised manufacturing methods, the E-Maverick SL HMF carbon frame combines the best of both worlds. The full carbon rocker arm alone saves about 180 grams compared to an aluminium counterpart.

Chainstay Protector

All E-Maverick models are equipped with an effective chainstay protector. It is made of robust rubber and mounts positively on the chain stay. When things get a bit rough on the trail, the cover not only protects the carbon chainstay from a slapping chain. At the same time, it also ensures a lot of peace and quiet and an unclouded riding experience.

The Right Frame Size

Part of the new E-Maverick concept are optimised frame sizes. They are part of a balanced, modern and coherent geometry. In this way, they allow for an optimal adjustment to the requirements. Part of the new frame geometry are shorter seat tubes that still allow the use of long dropper posts. This allows riders to use different frame sizes without any problems and thus to better adjust the riding position and the characteristics of the bike to their own needs. Choose a smaller frame size for maximum playfulness on the trail and downhill. If you like it more stable, go for the next larger frame. For more smoothness and safety down the mountain. Frame size stickers were developed especially for this purpose. They provide information about the frame size (R1 to R5 or S to XL), the ideal size range and the stack and reach values of the frame. In addition, the stickers show recommendations for an easy selection of the frame size.

E-Maverick AM 9.4.3

The E-Maverick AM 9.4.3 is the top model of our new E-Maverick Light Assist E-MTB series. Designed for uncompromising all-mountain use, it combines the highest quality components to guarantee minimum weight, maximum performance and highest riding pleasure. The modern geometry of the lightweight carbon frame combined with 29-inch wheels result in a light and playful bike. Ride it smoothly over single trails, pull off at every edge or go flat out in the downhill!

So that you, and not the bike, set the limits, only the finest components from SRAM, Shimano, RockShox or Race Face are used on the E-Maverick AM 9.4.3. The result: an unbelievably low total weight of less than 17 kilograms, only slightly above that of a classic mountain bike, which makes it possible to conquer every trail with even more flow. The grippy Schwalbe Wicked Will Evo tyres ensure full control. They come on lightweight DT Swiss HXC 1501 carbon wheels specially designed for E-MTBs. Gear changes are lightning fast and extremely precise with the new SRAM X0 Eagle AXS Transmission wireless shifting group. Thanks to the Full Mount attachment, that does away with a classic derailleur hanger, the "Transmission" is significantly less sensitive to lateral impacts. The result is a premium all-mountain bike that is truly up to all challenges.


Carbon SL HMF


16,5 kg*


29" - R1, R2, R3, R4, R5


Dark Lava Red

*Depending on the frame size

  • All-new Light Assist premium All-Mountain E-Fully with high-tech carbon frame and 29" wheelset
  • Ultra-light and compact TQ-HPR50 Light Assist drive unit with up to 50 Nm of torque
  • 360 Wh battery integrated in the down tube, expandable with optional 160 Wh range extender
  • Classy 140 mm RockShox suspension with Pike Ultimate fork & Deluxe Ultimate RCT rear shock
  • Exclusive Shimano XTR 4-piston brakes for a low weight and optimal braking action
  • SRAM X0 Eagle AXS Transmission Full Mount drivetrain allows for the most precise shifting and extreme durability

E-Maverick AM 7.4.3

A lightweight and powerful companion for your all-mountain adventures and action-packed trail fun! The AM 7.4.3 is the entry into the world of our brand new E-Maverick Light Assist E-Fully series. It is based on the same SL HMF high-tech carbon frame as the AM 9.4.3 and ED 9.4.3, making it convincing with its low weight and playful, agile handling both uphill and downhill.

The sensitive 140 millimetre RockShox suspension, consisting of a Pike Select+ fork and Deluxe Select+ rear shock, offers you a lot of safety even in rough terrain. To ensure that you are always in the right gear, we have chosen the popular Shimano XT 12-speed groupset. It offers a huge gear range and stands for fast, crisp gear changes even under load in the uphill. Reliable Shimano Deore brakes with large 203-millimetre discs at the front and rear provide precise stopping power. And the innovative, ultra-compact TQ-HPR50 drive system with 360 Wh battery inconspicuously integrated in the down tube combines a more natural riding feel with plenty of energy-saving support uphill. So you can ride your favourite trails more often or for longer.


Carbon SL HMF


17,5 kg*


29" - R1, R2, R3, R4, R5


Light Olive

*Depending on the frame size

  • All-new Light Assist All-Mountain E-Fully with high-tech carbon frame
  • Progressive, modern geometry for maximum control uphill and downhill
  • Low overall weight thanks to the ultra-light and compact TQ-HPR50 drive unit with up to 50 Nm of torque
  • 360 Wh battery integrated into the down tube. Even more reach with optional 160 Wh range extender
  • Sensitive 140 mm RockShox suspension with Pike Select+ fork & Deluxe Select+ rear shock
  • Robust 29" DT Swiss HX1700 spline wheelset

E-Maverick ED 9.4.3

Enduro mountain biking is your world? You want to descend the mountain fast and with maximum control? To achieve this, we have equipped our E-Maverick ED 9.4.3 with fine components such as a long-stroke 160 mm FOX suspension, a crisp, precise and reliable Shimano Deore XT groupset and high-performance 29 inch wheels.

Thanks to TQ's innovative TQ-HPR50 Light Assist drive unit, you can shuttle uphill on your own. 50 Nm of torque and a natural support of your own pedalling power up to the highest support level turn an otherwise sweaty task into a real pleasure. The intuitive characteristics of the drive and its inconspicuous integration make you forget that you are sitting on an E-MTB. The 360 Wh battery integrated into the down tube in combination with an optionally available 160 Wh range extender promises plenty of reach. When it's time to go downhill again, the low overall weight and the playful, agile design of the bike allow you perfect control and maximum riding fun.


Carbon SL HMF


18,5 kg*


29" - R1, R2, R3, R4, R5


Lavender Grey

*Depending on the frame size

  • All-new Light Assist Enduro E-Fully with high-tech carbon frame
  • Ultra-light and compact TQ-HPR50 Light Assist drive unit for a low overall weight
  • Highly adjustable, long-travel 160 mm Fox suspension: 36 Float Performance Elite fork & Float X rear shock
  • Tidy cockpit thanks to display integrated in top tube
  • High-quality, stable 203 mm Shimano Deore XT brakes
  • 29" wheelset with grippy Magic Mary/Big Betty 2.4" EVO SuperTrail tyres

TQ-HPR50 Light Assist Drive Unit

The new fun of sporty E-bike riding is called TQ-HPR50. The Light Assist drive unit stands out with its low weight, compact dimensions and high performance. It is whisper-quiet even at high power output and offers naturally intuitive support. For carefree, maximum riding fun on the trail, downhill and on challenging enduro adventures. With a weight of only 1850 grams, the TQ-HPR50 drive is a good kilogram lighter than, for example, a Shimano EP8 drive unit. Nevertheless, the TQ-HPR50 offers a torque of 50 Nm and a power output of up to 300 watts.

The result is an extremely natural, almost inconspicuous support on the flat and especially uphill – just as if you had the fittest legs of your life. The special design of the drive unit also eliminates the unnatural resistance when riding beyond the 25 km/h assistance limit. Thus, the E-Maverick rides just like a classic bicycle when the assistance is switched off. With the help of the TQ E-Bike app, the response of the drive unit and the maximum assistance level can be adjusted to individual needs.

The battery of the TQ drive unit was specially developed for the TQ-HPR50. The high energy density allows for a slim design, making frame shapes and tube diameters possible that you are previously only used to from classic, non-electrically assisted bikes. In addition, the weight is very low at only 1830 grams, resulting in a total system weight of only 3900 grams. With a capacity of 360 Wh, there is also enough range for challenging rides.

If necessary, the range can be further increased by means of an optional 160 Wh range extender. It can be quickly and reliably attached to the bike with a magnetic Fidlock holder (available from specialist dealers) and an additional safety catch. It holds the 160 Wh Range Extender, which weighs a good kilogram, securely in place even in the roughest terrain. Alternatively, of course, a Fidlock drinks bottle (maximum 600 ml) can be mounted on the frame.