Technics-Highlight: Fazua evation 1.0 drive

After Bosch and Shimano, we welcome FAZUA from Munich in MY2020 amongst our premium partners for E-Bike drive-systems  

The finest technology conceived and built in Germany is called FAZUA, which was founded in 2013 as a start-up in Ottobrunn near Munich. They offer with their "FAZUA evation 1.0 drive" a very special feature: motor and battery can be removed and replaced by a cover. This enables the STEVENS E-Getaway to transform from an electric racer into a sporty "bio" gravel bike in no time at all. This means a lot of fun with pure muscle power on the speedy drive towards work, as well as on long overland tours: on asphalt, on gravel and other unpaved roads. How and why this works is explained in the following article. However, for us part of the company secret is already hidden in the name - in the original Bavarian sound "Fah' zua” means literally “Get going”!

Light & smart

The FAZUA evation 1.0 drive consists of three components: the bottom bracket gearbox, the "Drivepack" and the 252Wh battery. While the gearbox is bolted to the frame, the Drivepack (with motor) and battery are housed together in the frame’s downtube. The entire drive weighs a mere 4.6kg. About 3.3kg of this weight is accounted for by the Drivepack and battery, which can be removed when no motor support is needed.

Place holder

If not using the Drivepack, the "Downtube Cover" (available as an option on the FAZUA webshop) perfectly fits into the frame’s downtube. This results in a weight saving of 2.9kg. In addition, the aluminium tube offers storage space for small touring items such as a rain jacket, spare tube, tools, energy bars and drinks.

Fully integrated

During the ride, the "Remote fX" control integrated into the frame’s top tube shows the battery charge level and selected support level. The sensitive touch surface allows intuitive switching between the different support levels. If there is an increased need for data or tuning, the drive control can be linked remotely (with Bluetooth connection) to a smartphone via the FAZUA app (see below).

Hybrid drive

In the bottom bracket gearbox, combined forces of both rider and electric motor are transmitted to the rear wheel via ISIS crankset and chain. Thanks to torque sensors on both sides, the motor support can be perfectly adapted to the pedal forces. Since the freewheel is completely decoupled from the motor, the E-Getaway can be accelerated almost effortlessly (without additional resistance) over the 25km/h threshold at which the motor support is regulated by law. That is…provided your legs have the necessary power to do this!

Power package

At the heart of the FAZUA Drivepack is a small, almost silent electric motor that can deliver up to 300 watts of mechanical power and 60 Newton meters of torque via a planetary gear - a Y-shaped interface connected to the bottom bracket gearbox that is then connected directly to the rear wheel. Sporty, ambitious E-Getaway riders will especially benefit from the steadily maintained maximum power output over a wide cadence range of 55 to 125 rpm.

More pepper

In April 2020, FAZUA released the "Black Pepper Performance Update" - via a software update. The evation drive delivers improved performance, an even more natural riding experience and can be adapted even better to the rider's preferences. In addition to the constantly high motor power over a wider cadence range, the support characteristics in particular have been adapted even more finely to the individual pedaling behavior of the rider. In addition, its drive parameters can be further individually modified - either from your home PC or with the help of a FAZUA-trained specialist dealer.

Wide range

With total energy capacity of 252 watt-hours, the lithium-ion battery, which is sleekly integrated into the frame’s downtube, is good for up to 2000 meters of altitude gain while weighing only 1.4kg. If you don't want to take longer (charging) breaks on your tours, you can also buy a second one (on the FAZUA webshop) to keep in your panniers or backpack.

Knows more

With the free FAZUA Rider App, every need for information and transparency is met. Coupled with the drive control via Bluetooth, you also have access to GPS navigation and tracking/route information on the tour. The display of trip data can be configured individually. When home, you can access the app for additional support functions such as access to the FAZUA service and to analyze completed tours and share them with friends.

Fah’ zua! - Get Going!

Enough of the boring theory and tech talk - it is high time for a big serving of riding fun in the saddle of the E-Getaway. The gravel racer equipped with all STEVENS cross genes is absolutely ready and willing to join you on your next biking adventure. Thanks to the super-light FAZUA evation drive that’s elegantly integrated into the frame, you’ll get that constant tailwind feeling as you soar through space.