The E-Inception Active and GTF geometries

A rider's demands on his bike are as different as people can be.

Above all, the intended use plays a decisive role. Should the bike primarily be used for longer tours in moderate terrain? On the ride to work or on the much-cited Sunday trip to the ice cream parlour? Or is the bike primarily seen as a piece of sports equipment with which you can bang through the forest, raid over trails and shoot up and down the mountains? In addition to the bike's specification, i.e. suspension, brakes and drivetrain, it is above all the basic design of the frame geometry that sets the tone here. The "egg-laying lizard" that can do everything is a theoretical ideal that is almost impossible to achieve. For this reason, the STEVENS engineers have equipped the E-Inception E-Fully series with two different frame geometries that give the bikes a different character.
E-Inception AM 7.7.2
E-Inception AM 7.7.2

Active geometry

Firstly, there is the standard, touring-ready Active geometry, which is used on the two aluminium frame All-Mountain bikes AM 6.6.1 and AM 7.7.2. The bike name sports no further addition, only "AM" for the All-Mountain field of application and the number sequence as an indicator for the equipment level (6 or 7 - the entry into the E-Inception world, the energy content of the battery - 6 for 625 Wh, 7 for 726 Wh as well as the drive unit manufacturer - 1 for Bosch, 2 for Shimano).

The Active frames feature a shorter top tube, longer head tube and steeper head tube angle. The geometry creates a shorter reach (i.e. the imaginary distance between the centre of the bottom bracket and the centre of the head tube) and a more compact wheelbase across all frame sizes for a more upright, relaxed riding position, which is particularly suitable for comfort-oriented yet active touring bikers. The moderate riding position allows for extended rides off-road and on flowing single trails. The neutral handling ensures full control of the bike at all times. Especially the slightly steeper head tube angle results in very predictable handling. The spontaneous "collapsing" of the front wheel is prevented and this gives especially MTB beginners a lot of safety in the terrain. In addition, the bottom bracket sits a little higher in the frame, which increases ground clearance and reduces the tendency of the cranks and pedals to touch ground when cornering tightly and over steps. Due to its moderate design, we recommend the Active geometry primarily for trail and all-mountain applications as well as for sporty commuters.

GTF geometry

Alternatively, the bikes are available with the GTF suffix. The frames have a sportier geometry with a shorter head tube, flatter head tube angle and longer top tube, which creates a longer wheelbase and longer reach - and thus more smoothness and control downhill. This is then also the home of the abbreviation "GTF", which stands for the slang expression "gas to flat" common among MTB riders and can be translated as "full throttle and full control down the mountain". The shorter head tube and a slightly steeper seat tube angle also give the rider more bike control on steep climbs - also due to a lower stack value, i.e. a relatively lower stem and handlebar. The sportier GTF models are particularly suitable for demanding all-mountain and light enduro use due to their design and the more stretched riding position.

E-Fully Comparison of GTF-Geometry (red) vs. Comfort-Geometry (green)
green = Standard-/Comfort-Geometry
red = GTF-/Sport-Geometry

The sporty GTF geometry is available in the four All-Mountain models AM 7.6.1 GTF, AM 8.7.1 GTF, AM 8.7.2 GTF and AM 9.7.2 GTF. Other bikes with GTF geometry are the ED 7.6.1 GTF, ED 8.7.1 GTF and ED 8.7.2 GTF enduros and the FR 9.7.2 GTF freeride e-fully.

Bikes with GTF-Geometry

Get the advice

In order to find the right geometry concept for the rider as well as the ideal frame size, we always recommend an extensive consultation and, if possible, test rides of both frame geometries as well as different frame heights at a STEVENS specialist dealer.
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