STEVENS E-Bikes & SHIMANO drive systems

For sure, they can do more than "just" Deore XT: SHIMANO also builds top quality e-bike drive systems. These systems surely impress on selected STEVENS models with their lightweight, compact dimensions and minimal audibility - even under heavy loads.

In terms of electric drives for touring and city bikes, until recently there was hardly any way around market leader Bosch…that is, until Japanese component giant SHIMANO introduced its innovative SHIMANO STEPS E6100 system which visibly shook the e-bike world.

The new highlight from Japan, however, is the EP8 drive, which will delight the most ambitious e-mountainbikers with its numerous technological delicacies, including the super-light magnesium motor body. STEVENS' engineers could not help but put a completely new generation of full-suspension e-bikes on the studded tires: E-Inception. But here it is all about the decisive details of the SHIMANO drives:


Probably the most powerful drive for sporty E-MTBs comes from Shimano in model year 2021: the EP8 has been upgraded to a whopping 85 Newton metres compared to its predecessor Steps E8000. Much more decisive on the trail, however, is its maximum compact design and minimum weightof just 2.5 kg - because these are the basic requirements for dynamic e-bikes that make all the difference on demanding trails. The so-called "Trail" mode is also in its element here, as the sensors literally read the rider's wishes from the soles of his feet and switch between the different support levels (from "Eco" to "Boost") as quickly as lightning.

Bikes with this drive


A strong benefit of the SHIMANO STEPS E6100 is its compact design, which extends only minimally over the bottom bracket area to the rear. This helps our E-Bormio to achieve particularly agile riding characteristics. The large chainring (44T) eliminates the need for an internal gearbox and ensures that sporty riders are not unnecessarily slowed down by friction losses when they cross the magic threshold to pure muscle support (just over 25km/h). Up until this threshold is reached, the electric motor provides very powerful support with 60 Newton metres of torque. And this despite the fact that it is extremely lightweight: at 2.9kg, it is on a par with the top models from competing manufacturers.

Bikes with this drive


SHIMANO is a specialist in forging technology, a reputation the Japanese have repeatedly earned, starting with the legacy of their legendary MTB component group: The "Deore XT" logo conceals an extra-light "Hollow Tech" construction, which helps the crankset to achieve outstanding light weight and maximum stiffness. Standard on our top models E-Sledge ES and E-Whaka ES.


Electronics and mechanics interact to produce the best possible performance: On one side, the smart 1.6" SHIMANO STEPS display shows what the e-drive on our E-MTBs is capable of - namely support with maximum boost up to the 25km/h threshold. And on the other side, the Deore XT gear system with 12 gears and legendary precision ensures that the optimal ratio is always available, from steep climbs to high-speed descents. Want more information? Go ahead and integrate your smartphone  via Bluetooth LE radio.


The 2.7" display of our E-Bormio and E-Gadino models, which is positioned centrally above the handlebars and stem, shows many functions at a glance. Here too, full smartphone compatibility is guaranteed so that e-bikers who are thirsty for knowledge can use apps from other suppliers to view additional data.



The age of fully integrated e-bike batteries seems to have finally arrived – despite the fact that the energy storage devices docked on the outside of the frame’s downtube certainly have their advantages: The frames can be made noticeably lighter, as the direct comparison between the E-Bormio and its E-Tour counterparts with PowerTube battery shows. And batteries such as the BT-E8010 (504Wh) can be removed in just one or two steps for charging (indoors) as well as for better protection against theft and for storing in a place warmer than an unheated garage.


Thanks to SHIMANO's "E-Tube Ride" technology, a current smartphone can be used not only as an informative second display. There is also the "E-Tube Project" option - here different rider profiles can be created, each with individually adapted performance profiles in terms of support characteristics, maximum torque or the preferred support level when switching on.


Not from SHIMANO's portfolio, but simply the ideal partner for the powerful EP8 drive is this 726Wh energy storage unit from Darfon. Securely hidden under the special rubber cover in the down tube of the new E-Inception frames, it is perfectly prepared for new records in long distance riding and altitude gain. At the same time, it can also supply a smartphone or GPS device with "juice" - via a USB C charging socket on the top tube, which is exclusive to STEVENS.