Ride further. Ride faster.

The bike for your special rides. Based on the award-winning geometry of our successful Camino gravel bike family, the new E-Getaway offers a sporty, comfortable riding position for perfect bike control on any surface and plenty of comfort even on long tours. The TQ-HPR50 Light Assist Drive Unit integrated inconspicuously into the frame provides the necessary endurance. It provides natural support for your own pedalling power at all times. Especially on climbs and with higher loads - a real boost for your legs. Whenever you need it most.

The low total weight of just over 12.9 kilograms is made possible by an optimised frame design. At the same time, the high-tech carbon frame offers high rigidity even when loaded with bikepacking accessories. The 360 Wh battery integrated in the slim down tube promises a decent range in conjunction with the efficient drive unit. The other features are also impressive: the Shimano GRX-820-based 12-speed drivetrain offers a wide gear range for steep climbs in the mountains as well as for fast sprints on flat terrain. High-quality DT Swiss GRC 1400 Dicut carbon wheels specially designed for the needs of fast gravel bikes with 40 millimetre wide Continental Terra Speed tyres ensure plenty of robustness and propulsion on your most challenging gravel adventures. For even more grip and comfort, the frame and fork allow the use of tyres up to 45 millimetres wide.

Elegance and light weight

The completely newly developed carbon frame of the E-Getaway is based on the proven geometry of our multi-award-winning Camino gravel bike. Weighing just 1600 grams and manufactured from high-quality HMF carbon fibre using an optimised process, it combines low weight with optimum stiffness for efficient pedalling with a high level of comfort. The long-range 360 Wh battery is housed in the slim down tube. The top tube is TQ Smart Box compatible so that electronic Shimano Di2 or SRAM AXS gears and optional lights can be retrofitted and intelligently integrated into the system. Mounting points for a bolt-on seat stay bridge, RTA mounts on the dropouts and a KSA 40 kickstand mount allow the bike to be fitted with everyday equipment such as mudguards, pannier rack or kickstand.

Discreet information

The display of the TQ-HPR50 Drive Unit is inconspicuously integrated into the top tube. Important information such as support level, remaining range or speed can be displayed and easily read on separate screens. Settings and screen changes can be made using the integrated button. The screens can be customised using the TQ e-bike app.

Perfect protection

Well protected and yet easily accessible. The charging socket for the integrated 360 Wh battery is located on the side above the bottom bracket. This makes it easily accessible and allows the use of short cables for the optional range extender. The sturdy flap that opens upwards effectively protects the socket from dust, mud and moisture. A drainage hole in the frame below the charging socket also effectively prevents large amounts of moisture from accumulating in wet conditions.

Brakes? Powerful!

Powerful 2-piston disc brakes from Shimano's highest quality GRX 820 series ensure effective and perfectly controllable deceleration in all weather conditions. Specially developed for gravel bikes, they are lightweight, durable and very reliable, even when riding off-road or with a heavy load.

Control centre

Fast and precise shifting with minimal operating forces: This is what Shimano stands for with its excellent GRX 820 12-speed groupset - the gravel counterpart to the traditional Japanese manufacturer's Ultegra Road and Deore XT MTB groupsets. The E-Getaway uses the GRX 822 Shadow+ rear derailleur, which is characterised by its low weight, high robustness and reliability. The chain stabiliser integrated into the rear derailleur optimises the shifting process and prevents the chain from banging and jumping off in rough terrain.

Long-distance vehicle

Maximum bike control and perfect ergonomics, even for long hours in the saddle, are made possible by the finely tuned cockpit. The dropbar handlebar in Aero Gravel design with a 5-degree backsweep, 8-degree flare and oval top bar allows different grip options. It also offers plenty of space for easy mounting of mounts for bike computers & Co. as well as the optional TQ handlebar remote for easy selection of the support levels without having to take your hands off the handlebars.

Perfectly integrated

Thanks to the integrated seatpost clamp, the high-quality carbon frame looks as if it has been cast from a single mould. It replaces the classic, often dirt-prone clamp and has long proven its worth on our top-of-the-range Super Prestige cyclocross bike or the sporty Camino gravel bike.


Carbon SL HMF


12.9 kg*


50, 53, 56, 59 cm


Dusty Rust

*Depending on frame size

  • Completely new-designed E-gravel bike with inconspicuously integrated electric support
  • Lightweight carbon frame with optimised stiffness. Standard mounting points allow the attachment of optional accessories such as a pannier rack or mudguards
  • TQ-HPR50 Light Assist drive unit with a maximum torque of 50 Nm and frame-integrated 360 Wh battery
  • Unobtrusive display in the top tube for a clean cockpit design
  • Wide-range Shimano GRX 822/820 1x12-speed groupset and high-quality hydraulic disc brakes

TQ-HPR50 Light Assist Drive Unit

The new fun in sporty e-bike riding is called TQ-HPR50. The Light Assist drive unit shines with its low weight, compact dimensions and high performance. It is whisper-quiet even at high power output and offers natural, intuitive assistance. For carefree, maximum riding pleasure. Weighing just 1850 grams, the TQ-HPR50 drive unit is a good kilogramme lighter than an average full assist drive unit. Nevertheless, the TQ-HPR50 offers a torque of 50 Nm and an output of up to 300 watts.

The result is extremely natural-looking, almost inconspicuous assistance on the flat and especially on climbs - just as if you had the fittest legs of your life. The special design of the drive unit also eliminates the unnatural resistance when travelling beyond the 25 km/h assistance limit. This means that the E-Getaway rides just like a classic bike when the assistance is switched off. With the help of the TQ e-bike app, the response behaviour of the drive and the maximum level of assistance can be adapted to individual requirements.

The TQ drive unit's battery was specially developed for the TQ-HPR50. The high energy density enables a slim design, making frame shapes and tube diameters possible that are otherwise only found on classic, non-electrically assisted bikes. At just 1830 grams, the weight is also very low, resulting in a total system weight of just 3900 grams. With a capacity of 360 Wh, there is also sufficient range for challenging rides.

If required, the range can be further increased using an optional 160 Wh range extender. It can be quickly and reliably attached to the bike using a magnetic Fidlock holder (available from specialist retailers) and an additional safety device. It holds the 160 Wh range extender, which weighs just over one kilogramme, securely in position even on the roughest terrain. An additional bottle cage can also be fitted to the frame.