Izoard Pro Disc

A modern classic

We have given our all-round road bike Izoard Pro Disc the revised Force AXS radio shifting introduced this spring. The innovative 2x12-speed group offers fast and reliable shifting performance. In addition, it convinces with an independent design. The group-pure specification is complemented by effective, perfectly dosed SRAM Force AXS HRD flatmount disc brakes, high-quality DT Swiss system wheels and an ergonomic cockpit. STEVENS adds the Izoard Pro Disc with SRAM Force AXS specification to the Izoard Pro Disc Di2.

One for all

The lightweight carbon frame of the Izoard Pro Disc shines with its universal geometry. Competition-oriented and yet comfortable, the bike is recommended for a wide range of applications. Whether fast sprints, long rides or challenging mountain stages. The torsionally stiff, steering-stable full carbon fork also has a share in the handling. Low drag is made possible by cable integration, in which the brake lines are routed through the stem into the head tube. In addition to optimized aerodynamics, the cable integration promises a pleasing, tidy cockpit and better protection of the cables from dirt and damage.

Versatile and efficient

As universally applicable as the bike is also the installed SRAM Force AXS group. It is adaptable in many areas to the needs of rider and driver. On the Izoard Pro Disc it is used in the version with 48/35-tooth crank and 10/33-tooth cassette. The system, called X-Range by SRAM, offers a wider ratio range than traditional semi-compact drives thanks to the 10-tooth cassette. The difference of 13 teeth on the chainrings and a wider ratio bandwidth of the cassette allows you to stay on the same chainring longer and have to do less compensation shifting. In addition, the smaller jump in the chainrings provides faster, smoother shifting. This increases efficiency and ultimately overall performance.

Reliable guidance

SRAM's new Force AXS performance groupset has a similar range of functions as SRAM's premium Red eTap AXS group. The rear derailleur shines with a high-precision chain guide for reliability and high efficiency. The dreaded chain slap on bumpy surfaces prevents the sophisticated Orbit damping system. Instead of a conventional spring, a liquid medium of highly viscous silicone oil is used. The system provides reliable stabilization of the chain without additional resistance under load. The result is high drivetrain efficiency with low shifting forces and thus fast and precise shifting.

Control center

The redesigned shift/brake levers offer revised ergonomics with improved finger wrap around the hoods. Thus, the shift/brake levers are suitable for even more hand sizes. Using the Reach Adjust function, you can also adjust the grip width for different hand sizes, finger lengths and preferences, so that even riders with small hands can enjoy maximum control with only one finger.

Fully networked

SRAM's AXS technology networks the bike's electronic components, such as the rear derailleur and front derailleur, with the SRAM AXS mobile app. It allows the monitoring of the battery status, the adjustment of the shifting modes as well as simple firmware updates. And is interface for AXS Web, SRAM's ride analysis tool. With its help and when using optional bike computers and powermeters, ride data such as gear changes, gears used, power zones and tire pressure can be analyzed.

More than just black or white

The Izoard Pro Disc comes in two different color variants. On the one hand in classic Stealth Black with gray-silver highlights for a discreet yet impressive appearance. It also comes in the Carrara White Blue variant. Three different shades of blue meet brilliant white.

(Almost) infinite possibilities

The Izoard Pro Disc frameset – in Chrome Red Black and Sparkle Green – and the SRAM Force AXS groupset are also available in the STEVENS Custom Bikes configurator. With just a few clicks, you can put together your personal dream bike from some of the best parts - and it doesn't just have to be the Izoard Pro Disc-


Carbon SL Fiber


8.3 kg


50, 52, 54, 58, 60, 62 cm


Carrara White Black

Stealth Black


  • Performance oriented carbon disc frame & fork w/ QR12 thru-axles
  • Stable but responsive steering characteristics – perfect for conquering alpine passes
  • Complete SRAM Force AXS 2x12-speed drivetrain
  • Powerful SRAM Force flatmount disc brakes
  • DT Swiss P 1800 Spline wheelset