In the past year, STEVENS has expanded its range of e-bikes to include special 'Plus' models, with great success and positive feedback. Due to their incredibly stable construction, well thought-out frame design, specially crafted suspension forks and powerful brakes, they have a total permissible weight of 180 kilograms. This is a whopping 40 kilograms more than with standard bikes. Specially made for taller or stronger cyclists who are hard on their equipment Read more …, as well as for commuters who have a lot to transport, these very robust and yet sporty bike models offer a clear 'plus' in terms of safety and riding stability. Together with the independent Zedler Institute for Bicycle Technology and Mechanics, STEVENS has fully optimized and tested these bikes for the higher weight approvals. These three ‘plus’ e-racers in our STEVENS portfolio (E-Triton Plus: Trekking, E-Courier Plus: City, E-Universe Plus FEQ: crossover) are sure to handle the highest challenges you can throw at them.

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