The STEVENS triathlon machine Volt is a rocket on the tarmac. Countless hours in the wind tunnel, intensive tinkering with the cockpit, discussions with engineers about frame stiffness and seating positions. Every last detail of this bike is finely tuned to extract the last few seconds out of the merciless battle against the clock – this special machine is trimmed one hundred percent for top speed. The tube profiles are optimized for best aerodynamics. Read more …Even the brakes are hidden in the fork and behind the bottom bracket on the chainstays, so that they do not offer the wind any exposed surface to slow this machine down. The fork and head tube are fitted with millimeter precision to reduce wind resistance and gives the appearance that the whole setup is one single piece. This streamlined image is rounded off by the aero trim on the handlebar, which also functions as a drinking vessel with integrated straw. Now it's all up to your calves...

  • compact
  • detailled