STEVENS Qualitätskontrolle im Zedler-Institut



There are two characteristics that STEVENS bikes are known for – lightweight and extremely durable. We’ll let you in on a little secret – we succeed in combining these seemingly opposing characteristics by developing, then testing, testing and more testing.

And the testing continues well past the final phase where our engineers are applying their finishing touches to their masterpieces, straight through to serial production. We continuously monitor our stock production to ensure that it remains at the same high quality level as our prototype. This is why we do not separate development from production, as it is all part of the same continuous process. This is also why our designers are personally involved in and responsible for the assurance of quality in serial production.


We may be our own harshest critics, but just to be sure we call on outside help when it comes to quality control. We rely on certified engineer Dirk Zedler from “Zedler Institute for Bicycle Technology and Safety”. He is publicly appointed, a sworn bicycle expert and an esteemed consultant of the bicycle sector for decades.

Thanks to his support we are perfectly clear on our STEVENS products’ quality levels. Not only does he test our individual products like frames (both carbon fiber and aluminium models), forks, seatposts, and wheels but also tests them in the exact combination that they are assembled on each of our bike models. By knowing our numbers, we can be both light and durable at the same time.


STEVENS employees are experts at their jobs as most of them are avid cyclists themselves. Their passions vary from commuting to work to cycling holidays and sporty evening excursions after work. It surely helps our development engineers to have direct access to continuous colleague feedback. The environment at STEVENS is a warm, open one where we can easily share stories of our rides and experiences with each other.