Being Hanseatic basically means to be down to earth yet cosmopolitan. Reliable yet daring. Understated demeanor and deeply convinced of liberty of mind and action. Hamburg inspires. To repeatedly question oneself and to endeavor to improve on every detail is part of everyday life here. These are the best conditions to build lightweight sporty bikes of the highest quality. Here at STEVENS we have been living and experiencing this every day for the last quarter century.


To develop a bike from first concept to functioning prototype to series production demands clearly structured work processes. It takes a team effort to get the job done. We rely on an incredible amount of people, from testers such as professional cyclists to engineers as well as customers like you, to contribute their knowledge, their thoughts on how to improve on a product as well as what they’d like to see down the line. Countless ideas are collected for every new bike project.

Each and every one is addressed – either approved, discarded or improved upon step by step before rigorous testing can begin. We then build every bike in our in-house laboratories using cutting edge software and state-of-the-art machinery. All of this magic happens in Hamburg. This is why “designed and engineered in Hamburg” is printed on all of our bicycles.


Everyone who bears any responsibility at STEVENS lives and works in Hamburg. It is here where we come together each day to discuss everything. Feedback from professionals, who push our bikes to the limits on and off-road. Opinions of dealers, who contribute their own knowledge and their customers’ experience. Reports of in-house quality management as well as everything that is written by the press on our products.


“Completely designed and engineered in Hamburg” and assembled in Germany, with a commitment to quality that we live and breathe. Most STEVENS bikes come from the European Union, with the majority from the STEVENS assembly plant in Northern Germany. From our developers’ offices, it’s only a few steps to the STEVENS custom road bike factory where our high-end bikes are made literally before our eyes. Here we closely monitor every stage of production. Each final product represents countless 2-wheeled adventures yet to come.